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CBD+CBG Vape Cart


34.5% CBD
40.2% CBG




1g 510 Thread Vape Cart


Due to the potency of these vapes, select runs of units crystalize at room temperature. Crystallization can be remedied by placing the cartridge inside a waterproof ziplock bag and heating it in boiled water (>70C) for 30-45s.

Our CBD and CBG vapes are the perfect product to help you get through the day; combining the many benefits of both CBD and CBG to soothe the body and mind without any intoxicating effects.

These vapes are made from a mixture of extracts from two hemp strains: the high CBD, Cherry Blossom strain and Panakeia, the only pure Cannabigerol (CBG) strain currently available in Canada. The powerful combination of the benefits of both CBD and CBG leads to a relaxing experience that quiet your mind and soothe your body. The addition of botanical terpenes to the rosin and distillate creates a relaxing flavour and aroma of vanilla and lavender that perfectly compliments the soothing effects of the vape.

Our dedicated extracts team does everything by hand in small batches before filling our high-quality ceramic and quartz carts.

Terpene Content

2.33% Total Terpenes

  • Alpha Bisabolol

  • Linalool

  • Caryophyllene


Cherry Blossom X Panakeia

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