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25-29% THC




3 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls


Desi is a truly unique sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a smooth and uplifting effect; perfect for starting your day or renewing yourself before a fun night out! Its uplifting effects are complemented by its flavour, as some people find the creamy and peppery notes reminiscent of chocolate. The dominant terpenes include Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

Five Rivers Cannabis, a micro-cultivator in Brockville, Ontario, developed this special strain and named it Desi in honour of their South Asian roots. Five Rivers hydroponically grew, harvested, and trimmed it by hand before having Growtown finish and pack it.

Like all our pre-rolls and milled flower products, these joints are made with 100% flower and no trim. Our small team mills and sifts the flower, and then hand rolls the joints in small batches to ensure a premium experience.

Terpene Content

1.72% Total Terpenes

  • Limonene

  • Caryophyllene

  • Myrcene


Strawberry Kush X Unique Landrace

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