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Spicy Mango


38-42% THC




3 x 0.5g &
1 x 1g Pre-Rolls


Our Spicy Mango hash infused pre-rolls are a delicious treat sure to send you flying. The spicy kick of cinnamon from the flower perfectly compliments the sweet, citrusy flavours of the bubble hash. The mouth-watering taste and potent effects of these sativa-dominant pre-rolls will leave you with a memorable experience.

These pre-rolls are carefully made by hand in small batches from start to finish. Enjoy like a pre-roll but expect a slightly harder draw after lighting it and letting it warm as they are made with a large percentage of hash.

Our dedicated extracts team ice-washes the bubble hash and then mixes it with milled and sifted flower. Our small team then hand rolls and twists the joints to ensure a high-quality product and premium experience.

Terpene Content

2.9% Total Terpenes

  • Alpha Farnesene

  • Caryophyllene

  • Terpinolene


Milky Way X DSH Hash

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