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Spicy Mango V1 & V2


37-42% THC




3 x 0.5g &
1 x 1g Pre-Rolls


Whether you're looking for a party starter or a solo adventure, our Spicy Mango pre-rolls are the perfect treat for any occasion. Bursting with flavour and a fiery kick of cinnamon, this sativa-dominant makes for an unforgettable, energized smoking experience.

V1 Spicy Mango (MB & SK)
Milky Way x DSH Bubble Hash

V2 Spicy Mango (ON)
Super Boof x Black Triangle Bubble Hash

These pre-rolls are hand made in small batches, and contain flower and large percentage of ice-washed bubble hash.

For a smooth and consistent smoke, light like a torch, let it burn and get hot; put it out and enjoy!

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