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Tropical Thunder Vape Cart


66% THC




1g 510 Thread Vape Cart


Our high impact, full spectrum Tropical Thunder rosin vapes are a brilliant addition to our line of high THC products. These potent and delicious cartridges will have your endocannabinoid system thriving!

Our solventless Tropical Thunder vapes are made from trichomes extracted from our Dark Shadow Haze flower. Once extracted, the trichomes are pressed and purified in a rosin press before being mixed with additional terpenes. This process creates a high impact and delicious vape with sweet notes of mango, grapes, and citrus.

Our dedicated concentrates team does everything by hand in small batches before filling our high-quality ceramic and quartz carts.

Terpene Content

5.26% Total Terpenes

  • Terpinolene

  • Alpha Farnesene

  • Alpha Pinene


Dark Shadow Haze

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