Cherry Blossom

12 - 14% CBD

Sweet Sativa

Milled Flower

Grown for us by an ourdoor farmer, this powerful strain was allowed to grow as nature intended it with minimal intervention. Because of this, while the effects, flavour, and potency are exceptional, it visually is a bit wild for the bottle. Milled and sifted, all of natures burrs are removed and you are left with an excellent, smooth, smokable product that is ready to smoke in your preferred method right out of the jar.

Aroma profile

2.31% Terpenes

Cherry Blossom is a high CBD strain with cherry and berry flavours with a hint of warmth, owing to its lineage of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom strains.

Flavour profile

Thanks to the prominence of Limonene, Caryophyllene, Beta Pinene, and Myrcene, expect a light sweet  flavour with undertones of berry.

Terps (1).png

Growtown standards

Our milled and sifted product contains all flower, sorted and inspected by us and then sifted to ensure the perfect milled flower material. It is a convenient format for those looking for a ready to use cannabis product without the hassle of grinders or the annoyance of stems poking through your rolling papers.