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Blossom CBD

Made from the distilled cannabinoids from the high CBD strain Cherry Blossom, our carefully crafted vape carts will help quiet your mind and calm your body with a beautiful cherry candy flavour and soft floral notes.

Crafted in small batches by our dedicated extracts team, our Cherry Blossom CBD vape cartridges are made by blending the extracted cannabinoids with additional terpenes before the mixture is filled into our high-quality ceramic and quartz 510

thread carts.

- Notice: Units from this run end up crystalizing at room temperature and require pre-heating/warming to use effectively in your vape. They work, but the extra hassle has an additional discount in place because of this. In order to eliminate crystallization, try placing the vape cart in a ziplock bag and immersing it in hot water from a kettle, not the tap, for 30 seconds to 1 minute in order to melt the crystals and return your vape to pure liquid form.

Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge

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