Panakeia Pure CBG

8 - 16% CBG

Flower (3.5g), Milled (14g), Pre-Rolls (3 x 0.5g, 7 x 0.5g)

The only strain with just Cannabigerol (CBG) currently available in Canada, this light flower will help soothe your mind and body without the less desirable psychotropic effects of THC.

Curated craftsmanship

Hailing from a unique development program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, this strain was specifically developed for its therapeutic properties.

Flavour profile

Honouring its roots in the purest form, Panakeia Pure

CBG has a unique earthy and refreshingly minty taste.

Aroma profile

Expect primary scent notes of organic earth, fresh herbs, and a gentle undercurrent of mint.

Physical Characteristics 

Panakeia flower boasts light green buds with unique visible trichomes. While our most recent lots contain no seed, please note that due to the unique nature of this strain, older lots will contain seeds within the whole flower product. We have worked to remove as much as possible and pack extra to compensate.

The Mother of all cannabinoids

CBGa is the precursor cannabinoid from which the other major cannabinoids (such as THCa and CBDa) form. All of these decarboxylate to form CBG, THC, and CBD respectively.  CBG primarily interacts with the CB1/2R and PPARγ receptors within the body. These receptors aid in regulating and moderating: 

CB1R - Pain, Memory, and Motor Control  | CB2R - Inflammatory Regulation |   PPARγ - Neuroinflammatory and Neuromodulation