Pure CBG

8 - 16% CBG   0 THC  Flower, Pre-roll & Vape

Named after the Greek goddess of Universal Remedy, Panakeia Pure CBG will help soothe your mind and body without THC's less desirable psychotropic effects. With its genetic makeup equating to virtually zero terpenes, this one-of-a-kind cultivar has an earthy flavour and aroma profile of light tea and subtle mint.  This unique trait makes Panakeia the perfect strain to enjoy alone or alongside your favourite high THC cultivars.

Hailing from a unique development program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, this strain showcases the incredible power and versatility of CBG and is currently the only strain of its kind in Canada.

What is CBG?

CBGa is the precursor cannabinoid from which the other major cannabinoids (such as THCa and CBDa) form. All of these decarboxylate to form CBG, THC, and CBD respectively.  CBG primarily interacts with the CB1/2R and PPARγ receptors within the body. These receptors aid in regulating and moderating:

CB1R - Pain, Memory, and Motor Control 

CB2R - Inflammatory Regulation 

PPARγ - Neuroinflammatory and Neuromodulation