Hash Stick

Tropical Thunder Hash Stick

52 - 55% THC

Tropical Sativa


Hand-crafted with paradise in mind, our Tropical Thunder Hash Sticks offer tangy citrus and sweet tropical inputs that deliver an uplifting, invigorating smoke. 

Flavour profile

Staying true to its citrus lineage, Tropical Thunder Hash Sticks have a unique sweet & sour tropical flavour, akin to vibrant orange, fresh ginseng, and tangy grapefruit.

Aroma profile

Tropical Thunder Hash Sticks deliver a tangy sweet and sour citrus aroma blast that makes for an incredibly tasty and mouthwatering experience

2.53% Terpenes

Tropical Thunder Terps.png

Skip the rig

Conveniently crafted to be enjoyed alone or with our included mouthpiece, you can skip the rig and discreetly savour this deliciousness.

Consumption Recommendations

Light the end opposite to the mouthpiece, and then blow out the flame so that it smoulders. Inhale through the mouthpiece as you would a pre-roll.