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Here's our FAQ

From production processes to sourcing inquiries and anything in between, we are here to answer your questions!

  • Our first step is discovering exactly what our objective is. Is it to simply unearth exceptional and sought-after cultivars, or to craft entirely novel and distinctive extract creations, each meticulously tailored to meet specific attributes?


    We of course first look to our existing partners, who we have a great and long standing relationship with. These partnerships are forged on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to unrivaled quality. If what we have within our ecosystem doesn't quite fit the bill, our typical next step is referrals. Word of mouth is an excellent source of direction, and has typically been more reliable than anonymous boasts.

    Finally, if all else fails, we look to our trusted partners who work in the brokering community. It isn't always a smooth ride, but it provides invaluable exposure to new LPs, groups, and segments within the cannabis community.


    For newer partners and referrals we have a vendor qualifications to learn more about the home of the product. Track record and reputation, compliance and licensing, cultivation practices, testing certification, quality consistency, traceability, and collaboration/communication are only some of what we consider when pursing partnerships and acquiring products from new vendors.

  • We are very excited to be growing an award winning growers cut of the strain Super Boof, starting September 2023. This sweet and fruity sativa was imported by our partners; no one but us has access to this very special and significant genetic, and we are extremely humbled to have the opportunity to grow it and bring it to the Canadian market.

  • Yes. In order for us to deliver the safest and most effective cannabis, we irradiate our products. We believe this is the cleanest and most reliable way to reduce microbial contamination and eliminate the naturally occurring mold, yeasts and bacteria that can be found in marijuana plants.

  • We trust High North for our product testing after many years of consistent and excellent services. To ensure consistency of testing, we occasionally will double or triple test the same product, from the same sample of the same lot, at other validated and trusted labs such as A&L, CARO Analytics, and even some outliers like Pathogenia.


    While some variation is expected in flower testing, High North consistently delivers dependable results. Particularly for new concentrate products, initial batches undergo extensive testing at High North (3-5 times) to ensure both sampling and results consistency within the lab.

  • We use CONE+SUPPLY pre-roll cones made from unbleached natural brown paper, as well as direct-from-manufacturer branded unbleached papers & hemp rolling papers; all with M fold filters.


    Our straight-cut cigarettes style pre-rolls, use regular papers with biodegradable filters sourced from Greenbutts.

Other frequently asked questions

  • Our cultivation process is purposely small-batch-high-touch to ensure each aspect of the plant's growth is monitored and curated to produce the highest-grade cannabis possible.


    To maintain the perfect moisture content, we ensure that each of our bottles are sealed for freshness and packed with a moisture pack


    Aside from our on-site operation, we are proud to have an ecosystem of vendors who grant us access to flower we ourselves do not cultivate.

  • We take immense pride in crafting our pre-rolls with the utmost dedication to quality. Each of our joints consists of 100% whole flower - no trim here!

    After being milled and sifted, we use a Rocketbox to help quickly fill our joints and then individually hand finish, weigh, and twist each joint. Every batch is then weighed and inspected a final time before being packed and sent off to the consumer.

  • At the heart of our process lies two dedicated extract gurus who take pride in blending science and craftsmanship to create exceptional solventless products.

    Maintaining optimal freshness and diversity is our priority, as we operate in an ice-cold, humidity-controlled environment, and typically go through COUNTLESS variations of each product.


    This is where focus groups and our team members play a central role in helping us hunt down our unicorn.

Our Production Processes

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